Human beings in general like clubs.  We enjoy the company of those that share our views in fraternities where the secret password gives access to promises that our leaders, as mortals, aren’t held accountable for, whose rules are divine and irrefutable but open to manipulatable interpretations. 

To ask a person that wears their faith, of any given fraternity, on their sleeves of their ultimate goal for doing so, is to ignite a discussion on the efficacy of following a doctrine that was codified at least over a thousand years ago if not several, based on the beginning of time and with the desired result of reaching a post life Nirvanian Utopia.  

A Utopia that is supposedly infinite in size, without the stresses of coexistence with those that don’t share similar beliefs, without the hassles of a conscience bickering the heart with daily worldly temptations, where abundance is the basis for all rewards and one which is governed by an all-forgiving God who is the ultimate creator. The exclusivity of this Utopia, as interpreted by those that can manipulate the masses, unfortunately creates an oxymoron that defies all the combined logic of humanity and in fact the codified inclusivity of most of these world religions.

As people evangelize their respective beliefs, the argument to reach this post life Utopia reaches a crescendo when those people face others that view the means to reach that Utopia through different colors and symbols.  The driving argument for their blind belief is in fact blind.  It is a belief where proof is not needed and where verses and quotes suffice to replace logic and reason. 

Having blind faith is ok.  It at some point, is in fact, needed because it comforts questions of existence where science becomes skeptical.  It often sets a moral compass and it provides a blanket of solace when there is a need to curl up into one’s own shell for a helping hand from the unknown.  Blind faith can be the foundational core of our beings even if a person does not believe in a post life existence or a higher deity.  Science has yet been able to refute any of the ultimate claims while some would even argue that it backs their scripture based assertions.  Where blind faith falls to favor the ignorant is when it creates a superiority complex stemming from a mindset of exclusivity in a world that is a tiny part of a vast universe and one that renders that exclusivity into utter insignificance.  

This complex of superiority shows its ugly face in many ways.  It creates an intolerant environment for those whose beliefs are in minority and leads to violence that is backed by deciphered allegories explaining how to deal with certain situations.   Allegories based on a context dating thousands of years in a time and place that has no relation to our current existence as human beings.  This superiority complex allows those on the podiums and the pulpits to capitalize on the ignorance of exclusivity to further an agenda whose fire is fueled by the focus on the fear of differences.  It creates walls and it burns bridges.

Manipulators of differences have long taken advantage of their oratorical skills and positions to manipulate interpretations of faith-based doctrines to suit their own devices. The masses, desperate for salvation, rally behind these manipulators and readily shed common sense in the hopes for emancipation from the fear of the differences that consumes them.  

These herds are constantly migrating following their chosen pied pipers, for them, their so-called leaders will deliver to them promises of a Utopia….in this life and beyond.  

These so-called leaders set the course for the masses to go from one fear filled watering hole to the next meanwhile grazing on a constant supply of ignorance fed to them through different disinformation outlets. These outlets provide sustenance constantly; every day; repeatedly; through the media and from the pulpit – feeding the hungry until their hearts and minds are corrupted to focus on differences. The manipulators swoop in only to leverage this ignorance when they need to fill their egos with mass approvals and in no other time than an election cycle can you see the complete glory of the vultures swarming over the braindead shepherding them into their trances.  

The vulture with the most caught wins….only to spit the masses back out to graze and until we are needed again – our Heavenly Divisions withstanding.

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