The US Military-Industrial Complex is a vast network of profiteering corporations, conglomerates, organizations and individuals.  It comprises the US Armed forces; the government institutions supporting them, the public and private companies contracting with them,  collectively represent the largest set of employment for the US economy.  Any reduction in this complex sends ripples through the US economic infrastructure and deflates the value of the Dollar thereby sending not only the United States but a multitude of nations that depend on the Dollar’s stability, spiraling downwards into their own economic crisis.  

Peace has become an unprofitable business and war a necessary evil to those that view economic stability as a short-term win that directly correlates with their electability and measure of success in office.

This has therefore created a perpetual need for conflict fueled by a culture of fear and the apparatus to drive that fear into every fiber of the American psyche.  Indoctrination has replaced education and the young generation which once would have learned Latin and the Arts and Critical Thinking are force-fed a narrative in a repetitive fashion.  This type of indoctrination, en masse to a society waiting to be manipulated by the ruling class, creates a citizenry that is ready to agree blindly to what will eventually lead to more profits for that ruling class and what will keep them that ruling class clinging onto their power-seats.

Terror”ism” has replaced Commun”ism” as the new “ism” of evil.  The one that NEEDS to be defeated.  The genius in this move is the blatant fact that Terrorism is not a political mindset, it is in fact nothing but an adjective to describe an act conducted by any force that the United States is fighting against.  

It is a word that is now leveraged by any nation wanting to crush its own rebellion.  It is the description that the other side uses against the United States and her actions or the actions of any nation trying to “fight” it.  It can never be “defeated” and any attempt to results only in spawning further sympathy towards it.  

Recruitment of more sympathizers towards violence – a violence that results in an expansion of the Military-Industrial Complex on the side of the nation fighting it – is then a perpetual cycle or supply and demand. A perfect recruitment tool on both sides and for the perpetuity of war.  Lives and livelihood are rendered irrelevant.  To destroy a nation in the wake of this fight is to feed the rebuilding and banking side of the Military-Industrial Complex.

War has become the last pillar of a faltering global economy.  We are all resting on this pillar.  We are all guilty of ensuring the pillar does not fall.  We continue to stay blissfully ignorant to the need for it to fall for a complete rebuilding of our nation to occur. 

It is the last Jenga piece and none of us wants to be the one to pull it.  

*pass the baton onto the next generation*

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